I’m an artist based in Arnhem (NL).
In 2018 I started Lucky bird art.

The love of birds & nature and the love of working with various materials, is something I can express in these works.

I grew up in an artistic family. As a child I was always creating something; sculptures, drawings and writing stories, usually about little animals in fairtytale-like stories.

I studied Fine Arts at ArtEZ in Arnhem. Besides the mythological and symbolic paintings and the commissioned portraits that I paint,
I started this project, lucky bird art, a few years ago. With luckybirdart it feels like going back to my roots, to where the love of creating and for nature started.
In these works I can express joy and hopefully spread a little bit more happiness into the world!

Love, Lys Vosselman

If you’d like to see my other art: www.lysvosselman.com