Bird Art

Little bird paintings on Japanese paper and wood.
Unique handmade pieces of bird art to give your home a positive and happy vibe, with a dash of mystery.

The birds that I paint, are the ones that are common in Europe. The birds that you can spot in your garden, or in the park and forest, the ones that visit me in my garden. The bird paintings are more or less the size of a postcard, 14x10cm / 4×5,5″. Every piece of bird art is one of a kind. To create the lucky bird art works, I try to combine the right paper, with the right bird and add berries or a branch of gold leaf.
The birds are painted in multiple layers of paint (acrylic paint and or oil paint), to give it a hyper-realistic character and often I add a bit of gold leaf in the details.

Robin red Berries

Starling Cherry

Bullfinch pink French

Robin golden Blossom I

Robin golden Blossom II

Spotted woodpecker

Starling Fleur-de-Lys

Siskin alder Tree


Robin gold Blossom

Great Tit pink French

Goldfinch Cherry

Blackbird pink Blossom

Song Trush Autumn

Kingfisher cherry Blossom